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Why we won’t do “cheap Wills”

“That seems expensive, I thought Wills were cheap”

This is a phrase many private client lawyers hear over and over again yet the perception needs to change. A will should not be cheap – you do not want it to be cheap. This is a document that deals with every single item that you own. Pull all that together – your house, your car, your jewellery, your investments, your money in the bank, your shares in the business… EVERYTHING. Combine their value and think about what they mean to you and how hard you have worked to achieve them, then think if you still want your Will to be cheap.

Cheap usually means it’s drafted by someone who isn’t legally qualified, has little experience or it’s a “one size fits all” standard form and may not actually do what you believe it to. Wills only come into effect when you die so unfortunately if something is wrong – it’s too late to sort out after the event.

When you think something legal sounds expensive, you are not necessarily paying for the physical document before your eyes but the years of study and experience that the person preparing it has undertaken as well as the protection and assurance their legal status provides. You get what you pay for. Every family is different, every situation is different and therefore what each person needs in their will should be different – it should be bespoke to your family and your personal situation.

Your Will should be viewed as an investment. A little expense upfront can save a lot of cost and heartache later. Inheritance tax efficient wills can literally save hundreds of thousands of pounds, care home fee efficient wills can save hundreds of thousands of pounds, a trust will can protect your entire wealth whilst a will drafted by an experienced lawyer who is prepared to stand up for you in court and ensure your wishes can be carried out means your estate is protected and is actually passed on to your loved ones as you intended.

There is so much more to a Will than the piece of paper you sign.

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