Consideration of your assets on death: house, money, car, Facebook account…?!’’ - Private Client Solicitors

Consideration of your assets on death: house, money, car, Facebook account…?!’’

Recent research by the Law Society unveiled that an overwhelming 93% of people surveyed who had made a will, had not included any digital assets in their will.

In the online world we now live, digital assets are often meaningful and important to our loved ones, however most online accounts are password protected and in some cases only you may be aware they exist.

Without considering digital assets when writing a Will, family members may be left struggling to access email accounts or online banking accounts, to gather information required to apply for probate.

They may be unable to access your computer to retrieve family photographs or videos or access social media sites to close down your accounts.

With so much financial information held in online accounts today, it can be difficult to assess the extent of your estate without access to these accounts. By making provision in your will you can ensure nothing gets missed.

We would recommend a record is kept of your usernames and passwords so your executors can access your digital assets after death and reduce any additional stress at a difficult time.

The research also went on to highlight that only 29% of those surveyed had an up to date Will.

At Private Client Solicitors, we are experts in Will writing and can provide a free Will review service to ensure your Will is up to date with the current laws and covers all eventualities and assets. Our aim is to ensure your family fully understand your wishes after death and how they should be carried out.

We would encourage you to make it your New Year Resolution to ensure you have a Will in place that is up to date in relation to your traditional and digital assets.

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