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Do not put off that awkward chat about inheritance

Jessie Hewitson wrote a thought-provoking piece in the Sunday Times on the first Sunday of 2022 and we couldn’t agree more with the headline. 

She explained that “When Alison Jackson’s parents died, the artist known for staging lookalike photographs of the Queen and celebrities, learnt that she had been disinherited. Finding out was a “massive, cruel cold shock”, she said. Her parents had decided to give almost all of their money – and the family home with 3,000 acres – to her brother. They did this, she said, because they believed in primogeniture.”  

At Private Client Solicitors, we do encourage our clients to be open and transparent with their loved ones to avoid any potential arguments in the future. Being secretive about your wishes or perceived inequality could result in resentment amongst siblings and long-term family feuds. Worst still the fall out could end up costing thousands in a probate dispute, which could result in the dispute itself being funded by your own estate. 

We also read an interesting segment in the article about the reasons why parents gave inheritance unequally to their children, as follows: 

  • 7% say they do not wish to support their child’s partner 
  • 20% want to give inheritance to the child that they trust the most to spend it wisely 
  • 24% have already supported some children in their lifetime and want to give others more after death 

Your ‘last Will and Testament’ is your final say once you have departed this world and each scenario after your demise, should be carefully considered. Our Solicitors have collectively drafted thousands of Wills and thus have the experience to talk you through every possible pitfall.  We can discuss the pros and cons of each eventuality with you and then discuss in detail how much (or indeed how little) should be disclosed to close family members.   

We do appreciate that some clients wish to remain private about certain matters and we would endeavour to respect your wishes.  However, in doing so, we would also ensure that you have received the best possible legal advice. 

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