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Later Life Planning

We are guilty of this, gosh we even have a page on the website about it…but really, maybe, it should just be promoted more as life planning and not something to consider only when you are “old” or in the later stages of life.

Let’s face it we don’t have a crystal ball, no one knows what the future holds and we all like to hope that we will live a long life but the reality is, not all of us do. For one reason or another we never get into the “later stages of life” so do not put off taking estate planning advice at the earliest opportunity – even if you think you are too young or invincible!

The moment you feel you have something to lose whether that be a house, a business, money in the bank or a child who you want to protect and perhaps appoint a guardian for, then you should get your affairs in order, just in case – legal documents there ready and waiting, just like any other form of insurance policy!

Whilst “young” and especially working professionals, tend to have death in service and life policy benefits which they don’t always appreciate the value of and actually, if you tot it all up, may well be far wealthier dead than alive!

Let’s lose the “later” in life planning and do it now.

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