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Private Wealth Planning

At Private Client Solicitors we are devoted to protecting your private wealth.

Our clients are mostly private individuals from the UK and overseas and include entrepreneurs, media and sports personalities, business executives, landowners, retired clients and trustees.

With complex tax systems and legal requirements to navigate, we would take time out to understand your personal needs and guide you appropriately. We can assist with inter-generational wealth planning to ensure that future generations live the life that you envisage for them.

The areas that we specialise in are as follows:

  • Creation of bespoke Wills
  • Pensions and Life Policy Planning
  • Creation and maintenance of new and existing trusts
  • Probates and estates
  • Inheritance Tax and succession planning
  • Shariah compliant estate planning
  • Agricultural property and landed estates
  • Challenging a Will and probate disputes
  • Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection
  • Resolving conflicts amongst trustees
  • Mental Capacity Law

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Recent case examples are as follows:

  • Advising three generations of the same family in relation to the succession of their wealth in the most tax efficient manner which involved drafting specialist Wills and the creation of bespoke trusts
  • Advising individuals who receive significant personal injury or clinical negligence settlements as to the protective steps that should be taken to preserve entitlement to means tested state and local authority financial support;
  • Advising a client to put life interest Wills in place to cater for the needs of his second wife whilst ensuring that adult children from the first marriage are also protected
  • Advising on mental capacity issues concerning tax efficient gifts and navigating the creation and registration of lasting powers of attorney documents;
  • Drafting a Deed of Variation for a deceased’s estate, which saved the family a considerable amount of inheritance tax
  • Acting as a professional trustee for a number of high value trusts;
  • Supporting a family with a disabled beneficiary to ensure that his state benefits and state support was not affected, whilst ensuring that his financial needs are being met.
  • Advising on complex international probate and estate administrations ensuring that all available inheritance tax exemptions and reliefs are secured, and ensuring that appropriate advice is provided in relation to double taxation and unilateral relief.
  • Acting as a trusted advisor for a leading private banks in relation to their client’s inheritance tax and complex trust planning requirements
  • Drafting of various bespoke settlement deeds to hold group life assurance policies and monies on behalf of clients
  • Acting as consultant for other Solicitors firms in relation to technical aspects of private client law and in particular providing advice about Shariah Compliant estate planning